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Steps to get you in your new home

Our goal at SGM Homes is to provide you with consistent and clear communication to create the best possible home building process.  We understand building a home can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. To remove some of the stress, we offer you information regarding your custom selection schedule and the next steps in a timely fashion. We hope the following gives you insight into the process.

Your Expectations and Budget

Whether this is your first build or you are well seasoned in the process – building a home can be stressful. SGM Homes takes our years of expertise to help relieve some of that stress to be sure your expectations are met and your budget held true. 

Your first step will be to meet with our team to discuss the vision of your dream home. Sometimes this means that you already have a plan,  or you may have ideas but need more guidance. We are here to meet you at any point and get you into your new home. The best thing you can do to prepare before our initial meeting is to gather inspiration for your home. This could include images, color schemes or other inspiration.   The first meeting will be used to take these materials and wrap them around your budget.

In the first meeting we will discuss: 

  • We Want To Know Your Vision                                    

Transparency from both parties will go a long way in making this process enjoyable and efficient. Communicating everyone’s expectations for the project is part of what we will accomplish in our initial meeting. Feel free to have as many questions as you would like to ask us. We want to not only know your home, but get to know you, your expectations, and the family that will reside in the home. 

  • Location, Location, Location

Did you already identify or buy a neighborhood lot or a tract of land in the country?  The location which you would like to build will be critical in allowing us to know details like: enforcement codes, other legal proceedings, restrictions, etc.   All of these are important pieces to calculating a final price.

  • Move In Date

The total timeline of building, which can range between 8 months to a year, takes you from breaking ground to getting the keys! Of course, Mother nature and detailed interior finishes can affect this estimate. Depending on the level of planning that needs to be done before construction begins, it is safe to assume it will be at least a 12 month process.  Once we have a forecast of when everything should be done, it is imperative that we stay consistent with the schedules we’ve agreed upon for details of the home as construction comes to those points, i.e. colors, textures, stains, floors. 

  • Do you have a house plan?

Do you have a blueprint for your dream home or are you still in the planning phase? For our initial meeting you should bring your plans, sketches or notes with you. If you are at the beginning of the process –  these questions may help us and you start defining your dream home: 

A. Are there any special accommodations required?

B. How much storage do you require?

C. Will elderly or children be living with you?

D. How often do you entertain?

E. How long do you plan to live in the home?

F. Do you work from your home?

  • Interior Can Make A Big Difference

We calculate our costs based on the details of design, finishes and blueprints. We have to consider the pricing of the plans we use by the specifics in the home such as patio space, moldings, counter tops cabinetry, and faucets. We are here to help you with all of those details every step of the way so that your budget is best utilized. Once your preferences of the interior details are finalized we always recommend the buyer work with vendors in order to get pricing of these features. This will make your selection process easy and efficient. We are always happy to steer you in the direction of vendors that we recommend, so feel free to ask

  • Are You Hands-On Or Hands-Off?

SGM Homes will have planned meetings with you, throughout the building process, on your lot. We will use this time to confirm the details of your utilities and how you’d like to see them most efficiently integrated into your home for your use. Some times seeing the construction in process will trigger lots of good questions for you to ask us, so please let us know your thoughts.  We want to be a partner and resource in the building of your home, so at anytime feel free to contact us. This process is one we will do together! You and SGM Homes. 

Once all of these details are established we will be well on our way to building you a new SGM home. Before breaking ground, we will also have meetings to discuss:

  1. Your property’s functions and features for drainage, sewage, zoning, and any committee approvals needed.
  2. Landscaping: from new trees, shrubs, flowers, and mulching to what is already on the property that you would like to integrate or remove along with any fencing, irrigation, and paths you would like to see built in. 
  3. Heating and air units, technological capabilities, security, and centralized vacuum features.
  4. Interior and exterior finishes. These are all of your personal touches that you want to put into place for your dream home. 

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